"Marcus Sendlinger’s artwork is about pictures and about the space for their interpretation. Urban life, its abysses and its beauty are the material he works with, that he samples, abstracts and re-forms. Through this transfer, he recontextualizes meaning and produces new associations. Approaching the present in its many facets as the processing of civilizational phenomena, he posits it as an object of discussion, transforming it into a new, personally inflected narrative". 
By Dr. Friederike Nymphius in: Road Movie, 2009, published in Marcus Sendlinger - Lost Reality, Kerber-Verlag, Germany 2010.

"In his art Sendlinger gives us an ironic bastard between geometric and Pop Art which aesthetically might be inspired by the works of former art stars such as Piet Mondrian and Kurt Schwitters".
By Sven Drühl in: Kunstforum International, Nr. 206, Neue Abstraktion, p. 68, 2011.
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